Here at the B-Safe Group, we know safety training is essential to inform employees about the hazards of the workplace and the prevention of being injured by these hazards. We also know training educates and teaches employees how to utilize the processes, procedures and equipment that protect them from a health hazard, such as transporting a hazardous chemical, when to remove a lockout device or the necessity of personal protective equipment.

The B-Safe Group has also seen, first hand, what happens after safety training has occurred. Employees are anxious to get home, they need to pick up their kids from school, to take their kids to practice, to make dinner, or they’re in a hurry to get to their workstation. The last thing on their mind is the training they received. So the question is, “How do we keep safety on the minds of our employees?”. Through safety awareness…or as we like to present it here at The B-Safe Group…Safe-T-Awareness©®™.

We are sure you know the symbols of the characters to the left. These characters and symbols are instantly recognizable and spark a reaction or memory for most of us. Their movies were seen by an average of 37 million people and were used to promote Dr. Pepper, On-Star, and American Express. The characters are known nationwide and promote products to millions of people each and every day.

B-Safe Comics, a division of The B-Safe Group, has created instant recognition for safety in the workplace. Safety now has its own icons to help promote safety, elevate Safe-T-Awareness and remind employees to be safe.


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