Welcome to the B-Safe Group. We are a safety awareness company designed to make safety interesting, and memorable. The B-Safe Group has been involved with safety for several years and we can confidently state that utilizing the ideas The B-Safe Group provides will benefit your company’s bottom line. Not only will The B-Safe Group enhance the awareness of being safe, but we will elevate the workforce’s interest in safety and help to reduce incidents and injuries. This, in turn, leads to lower Workers’ Comp rates.

The B-Safe Group consists of the following Safe-T-Awareness divisions:

B-Safe Comics – Designed to educate, keep safety at the forefront of our workers’ thoughts and reduce injuries

B-Safe Apparel – Designed to create instant recognition and safety reminders for the workforce.

B-Safe Equipment – Designed to protect and create an instant safety reminder for employees.

Please take a minute to browse our website and view The B-Safe Group’s take on Safe-T-Awareness. The B-Safe Group would also like to showcase our premier division, B-Safe Comics, introduce our Safe-T-Awareness characters, and explain how The B-Safe Group will help reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace.

Mission Statement: We are committed to the elimination of safety incidents and injuries in the workplace with effective safety awareness programs.

Vision Statement: We are dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of organizations’ safety programs with an approachable, interesting, and memorable method to reach the goal of zero workplace incidents and injuries.