B-Safe Comics

Welcome to B-Safe Comics, a division of The B-Safe Group.

B-Safe Comics provides an instant reminder of safety and safe decision making. The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures is a safety publication consisting of heroes related to our passion, and to our job, of safety. Although the The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures take place in the fictional B-Safe Universe, the events that transpire there are relatable from employees taking part in a lockout process to a person changing a light bulb at home. Regardless of the situation, creating Safe-T-Awareness, safety and safe decision making is the theme.

Once the workforce has seen a B-Safe Comic you will have introduced instantly recognizable characters and symbols relating to safety.   Sure, there are plenty of heroes out there…Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Captain America…but they only stand for truth, justice, and the American way.

The Safe-T-Corp. team stand for those things, as well, but they emphasize workplace safety, safe practices, and promote safe behavior which will prevent injuries. Take a look below at The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures and the characters associated with it.

As with safety in the workplace, our Safe-T-Awareness comic is no laughing matter. Incidents and injuries occur in your workplace, just as they do at ACME Industrial in the B-Safe Universe. A person may ignores a safety policy or an emergency response situation may break out. That is when our safety heroes jump into action.Janice Jergenson/The Enforcer - Janice is ACME Industrial’s Safety Director, but she has a secret…she is also The Enforcer. Super hearing alerts her to potential safety problems and super speed gets her to the problem…fast. Janice is all about safety training and safety education. She believes training to be the best way to get the message of safety out to ACME employees. Her alter ego, The Enforcer, is there to remind ACME’s workforce to be their own safety enforcement officer and follow ACME’s safety policies.Safe-T-Man – Name: Unknown. Safe-T-Man shows up when safety infractions occur. Because very little is known about him, Enforcer questions his true intentions; needless to say, Safe-T-Man believes in safety training, but he also emphasizes safety awareness to enhance ACME’s safety program, This line of thinking, and his interference in Enforcer’s heroics, has created a riff between the two.Bob – Yep…just Bob. Bob is ACME’s unofficial safety guru. He discusses safety problems with fellow coworkers and attempts to thwart negative choices when it comes to safety action. He is instrumental in helping Safe-T-Man and The Enforcer prevent accidents and injuries at ACME Industrial.

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